Looking Beyond College - 5-22

Today the students will be looking at, taking notes, and discussing a few videos based upon young entrepreneurs and their impact on the world.

Video 1:  Startups in Action

Video 2:  Innovative Mastermind

Video 3:  Unstoppable Entrepreneur

Video 4:  Priceless Advice from Famous Entrepreneurs

Drop Out Nation - Frontline

Today the students will be taking notes on the Documentary Drop Out Nation.

They will be taking C-Notes.

Final Tutorial - SBAC Share Out

Students are creating Tutorial Questions using the link below.

All questions must be in the 8th Grade Math Bank

SBAC Math 8th Grade

Getting Into College

Today the students are taking notes on a College Entrance Video.

Below is the video!

College Letter of Interest

Below is the link on how to write a Letter of Interest!

Click Here

Tutorials - SBAC Review Competition

Today the Students and the Tutors will be competing with One Another through 3 phases of SBAC Review. 

Level 1 Review Sets - Gravity First

Level 2:  Quizzizz Part 1   Code  056416

Quizzizz Part 2   Code  085039

Quizzizz Part 3    Code  617110

Final Kahoot if Time Permits

March Madness Begins Tomorrow!

Today the AVID 8th Graders will be taking Cornell Notes.  These notes will be collected at the end of the class period.

Learning Target:   How does the political and cultural environment of the early 1980's mirror the stakes involved in the Villanova vs Georgetown game?