Finishing College Admissions Khan Assignment, Philosophical Chair Worksheet, and Quizzizz

Today the students will have the first part of class to finish their College Admissions Assignment on Khan Academy.  Then they will have the opportunity to finish their Philosophical Chair Reflections before we test out Quizzizz.

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College Admissions - Khan Academy

Today the students will continue their work through the College Admissions/Financial Aid Unit.

They will be establishing accounts on Khan Academy and working through the Modules!

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Today in AVID - Vocab and 99 Percent Invisible Notes

Today the students will have 15 minutes to study their GRE Vocab set.  They will only be tested on the Vocab Words from the list linked below!

Matching Game

Then they will practice taking pertinent information out of Videos by clicking the link below!

99 Percent Invisible Work

Sign in for playposit is as follows below

username:  firstnamep6    (  michaelp6)

password: student1

Computer Programming

Today the students are going to have the opportunity to work on Computer Programming. 

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First Generation C-Notes

Today the students are taking Notes on the First Generation documentary.  It can be viewed below.

From Storyboard to Movie - Filling in the Gaps from Vision

Today the students are going to take a break from their character development and finish their Storyboard Projects.  They will be using their storyboards to create a 30 - 60 second video using Audacity and Windows Movie Maker.

First they will be taking the first part of class to work on their Tenmarks Grammar.  Their will be no AVID Packets this week.  The only grades this week will be on the Storyboard Project and completion of their Tenmarks Assignments.


password:  student1