Tuesday, May 21, 2019

My Life College Project - Due Complete Friday June 7th.

Today the students are beginning their end of the year Project.  The students will be creating a board game that outlines their transition from High School, College, and Ten years of Post Bachelor's degree life.  This project is due on June 7th and is worth 150 points.

The project will be graded according to the standards below.


Phase 1:  College Choice and Research ............................................................. 50 points
                 a.  Students choose 4 different colleges (2 Local, 2 middle distance, 2 strectch)
                 b.  Students Identify the Cost of Attendance of each institution
                 c.  Students identify the Cost of Living of each institution
                 d.  Students identify 6 different degree paths and possible careers.
                 e.  Students to identify 3 graduate programs stemming from the degree path
                 f.  If a student chooses a graduate program they must include cost of attendance.

Phase 2:  Professional Life and Progression ...................................................... 50 points
                a.  Students choose 3 different careers for each degree path
                b.  For each Career Path they need to identify starting pay scale
                c.  Students need to create a budget based upon the starting salary.
                             The Budget must include the following expenses.

        1.  Rent for a 1 bedroom apartment
        2.  Cost of a Cell Phone and Plan
        3.  Cost of High Speed Internet
        4.   Cost of cable service. (Optional)
        5.  Cost of Utility Bills
        6.   Cost of W/S/G
        7.   Cost of Car Insurance
        8.   Cost of a Car Payment                                   

Car Insurance costs on Average $110 per month

Misc. Expenses (See Mr. Robinson)

  Phase 3:  My College Life Term Paper ............................................................  50 points
                     Students must create a 3-5 page, double spaced, 12 font, Times New Roman,  term                              paper  outlining their ideal path they will choose to take over the next 15 years of
                    their life.  The paper must be peer edited, parent edited, and the final draft will be due
                    on June 7th.

College Research Link

College Finder Link - Click Here

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Getting Into College

Today the students are watching on a Video on Getting into College.  They will be taking Notes on the video and turning them in at the end of class.

The Video is below!

Once completed with the video they students will have 5 minutes to review their notes with peers in their area.  They will then complete an assesssment by clicking the link below.

 Click Here 

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Tinker Cad Egg Model

Today the students will be registering for Tinkercad so they can design a 3D model of their Egg Drop Prototype.  This prototype will be used on Tuesday as the groups choose and build their Egg drop Design.

2 Paper Towel Rolls
4 TP Rolls
3 ft String
3ft Tape
4 sheets of printer paper

They need to go to TinkerCad by clicking the Link Below


Class Code:  KDL0BFF0

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

EVERFI - The Vault Course

The students will start a new Everfi module today that needs to be complete before the SBAC testing dates.  Therefore, their entire module will be due on May 10th by the end of class.

Students will need to log in using the link below

Click Here

Username:  Firstnamep62019

Password: student1

Friday, March 22, 2019

New Technology Documentary

Today we are watching a Documentary to help shed light on the changing world of technology.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Avid Madness


Today we are looking at different types of colleges and what they have to offer.

The students will be clicking the link below

Friday, February 15, 2019

Note Taking Make UP for the Dream Big Documentary

During the Week of 2-12 to 2-15 the students had the opportunity to take notes on the Dream Big, Engineering Our World Documentary.  At the end of each Note Session the students turned in the notes they took during the video.  Below is a link to their Make Up Note Assignment.

Click Here to go to Play Posit and complete the Make Up Assignment.

They need to click on Log In.

Username:  Salk Student ID #
Password:  student1

My Life College Project - Due Complete Friday June 7th.

Today the students are beginning their end of the year Project.  The students will be creating a board game that outlines their transition f...